Support period

Financial support is provided for 15 years. The bonus is set annually, based on the official regulations, and additionally reduced by the received investment aid.

The value of the bonus

The amount of financial support received depends on the gross amount of electric energy, as measured on the generator clamps. The bonus can be received both when the energy is consumed fully by the business and when it is sold to external contractors.


The value of the bonus varies and depends on the type of fuel used. Four groups of fuels have been distinguished:

  • gas fuels, e.g. natural gas, agricultural biogas
  • solid fuels, e.g. coal
  • biomass, e.g. of forest origin
  • others, e.g. wastewater treatment and landfill biogas, methane from demethanation of mines, fuel oil

The sequence of actions

  1. Concession promise
  2. Investment
  3. Application for admission to the support scheme
  4. Obtaining a decision

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