We design and implement modern, environmentally friendly solutions in following sectors:

  • Industrial and municipal wastewater treatments
  • Linear objects (waterworks, sewerage, gas pipelines and heating systems)
  • Energy and heating systems in industries and public buildings
  • Cubature buildings (schools, kindergartens, multifamily buildings)
  • Hospitals (modernization and development)
  • Industrial plant’s halls and surroundings
  • Urban revitalization, conforming to restorer’s demands


As a design office we offer:

  • Checking ground conditions, building possibilities and investment’s location
  • Identifying legal status of the plot in terms of construction regulations and technical conditions, setting utilization and investment requirements, use and development concepts and projects of land utilization
  • Cooperation with local authorities
  • Obtaining building permits
  • Creating environmental impact reports
  • Conducting land tests and geodetic measurements
  • Support in negotiations with utilities providers
  • Execution of a complete building project, including external networks, roads, construction, sanitary facilities, electrical installations
  • Adapting foreign projects to polish requirements
  • Creating multiple executive projects
  • Cooperation during biddings and bidding material preparations
  • Help with drawing up contracts with executors
  • Author’s and investment’s supervision
  • Organization of gaining and receiving use permits


We also offer ‘design and build’ services:

  • Drawing up conception project, which is the base to estimating budget and issuing a tender
  • Elaboration of investor’s requirement specification (tender projects, etc.) – a base for general executors to create offers
  • Building project elaboration and obtaining building permit
  • Cooperation and support in negotiations with general executors
  • Project and building supervision (costs, punctuality, scope of contacts, quantity, project documentation)
  • Control of project documentation made by the general executor (executive and post-completion projects, workshop drafts)
  • Construction management (investor’s supervising, cost allocation, budget control, checking the general executor’s requests concerning additional works, etc.)
  • Control (providing project and execution quality, costs control, supervising the schedule)

Exemplary implementation


‘Design and built’ implementation. Industrial laundry’s sewage pre-treatment plant for the CWS Boco company.



Municipal sector

Type ESCO realization. Elaboration of multiple modernization project of municipal buildings, schools and hospitals (approximately 60 000 square meters), PFU and SW for the investment program in Czarnkowsko-Trzcianecki County.

Energy sector

Elaboration of multiple modernization of the urban heating plant in Wołomin by rebuilding a highly efficient cogeneration based on 8 MW gas engines.

Development sector

Elaboration of multiple projects in order to restore historical tenement houses in Opole Lubelskie, including expert advisory.

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