Guaranteed bonus for new small CHP units

The guaranteed bonus is a form of financial remuneration for the electricity generated in high-efficiency cogeneration in a new small CHP unit, which is a part of a source with a total capacity of no more than 1 MW. Before starting the investment, you should obtain a concession promise and, within it, a confirmation of the ‘incentive effect’. After the construction of the CHP unit, you must apply for admission to the support scheme within the statutory deadline.

CHP systems in industry

Many industrial processes require simultaneous delivery of heat and electricity. Cogeneration or trigeneration are perfect solutions for companies that look for savings and try to improve their energy efficiency. CHP systems lead to financial gains and improve the state of the environment.


Systems powered by biogas from sewage treatment and biogas plants

Our solutions, based on the cogeneration system, enable to make significant savings. Cogeneration is a process of producing both heat and electricity at the same time. As a result one obtains electric energy that can be used for treatment plant’s own use (surplus can be sold to an external network) and heat for technological processes. Using biogas from fermenting sewage sludge can highly improve the profitability of municipal services.


PEC Modernizations

We have experience in delivering projects associated with modernization of existing heat sources. We propose associated systems, more efficient than traditional ones, that divide heat and energy production. Our solutions make it possible to achieve total efficiency of 90 – 95%. CHP systems can also be used as an emergency source of energy (so-called ‘island mode’).

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