Where to start?

Start by creating the full concept. Prior to that, it is necessary to:


1. Obtain information about the amounts of sewage and PE, conduct sewage analysis in both inflow and outflow

2. Choose a method of sewage collection (sewer system or receiver)

3. Perform laboratory tests on the sewage and compare the results with data for businesses with a similar production profile

4. In case of modernization, analyse the current state of the plant

5. Develop qualitative and quantitative sewage balances

6. Develop a technological scheme of suggested solutions

What to focus on?

After drawing up and accepting the concept, one should:


1. Conduct technical and economic analyses

2. Negotiate sewage parameters with the network manager

3. Prepare a design project, obtain water law decisions and a construction permit

4. Choose the right solutions and devices

5. Choose the level of automation

6. Carry out the installation and construction processes

7. Conduct a technological start-up and installation reception

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