Where to start?

 Start by making the concept. Before that it is necessary to:


1. Gain data regarding the amount of sewage and Population Equivalents, conduct sewage analysis in the inflow and outflow

2. Choose a place for sewage reception (sewer system or receiver)

3. Conduct laboratory tests of sewage and compare the results with other industries of similar profile production

4. In case of modernization, analyze treatment plant’s existing state

5. Develop a qualitative and quantitative sewage balance

6. Develop technological scheme of suggested solutions

What to focus on?

After drawing up and accepting the concept one should:


1. Make technical and economic analyses

2. Negotiate sewage parameters with network manager

3. Make a project, gain water-legal decision and building permit

4. Choose right solutions and devices

5. Choose the automatization level

6. Carry out the installation and construction process

7. Conduct technological start-up and installation reception

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