Solutions dedicated to different industrial sectors

  • Food industry – sewage from this branch contains a lot of suspended materials, as well as dissolved organic materials and proteins
  • Petrochemical industry – this type of sewage is characterised by large amounts of oils and fats from hydrocarbons
  • Meat processing and slaughterhouses – our process separates solid materials from oils and fats. In slaughterhouses our solutions may decrease the pollution load by 95%
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry – characterised by high concentration of dyes, various additives, non-biodegradable components and inhibitors that slow down biological processes; due to high corrosivity, special materials must be used in the exploited machines
  • Wood and paper industry – separating paper pulp during the recycling process, occurrence of chemicals of high durability and low susceptibility to biological degradation
  • Industrial laundries – averaging sewage composition and pH neutralization
  • Printing industry – used developers, fixatives, wastewater from the  process of cleaning paint units, used solvents containing printing paints residues
  • Textile and dye industry – high content of BOD5 organic compound
  • Steel industry – high content of metals and other non-biodegradable organic compounds

Solving sewage problem – before you make the decision

Due to current laws, wastewater treatment can be very tedious. Choosing incorrect wastewater treatment technologies causes multiple problems, therefore creating additional, unnecessary costs. In a word, there is no place for mistakes here.


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Industrial sewage

The process of industrial wastewater treatment is a big technological challenge not only because of the peculiar composition of industrial sewage, their amount and daily cycle, but also due to the demands set by authorities. Having that under consideration, our designers treat each case individually, by selecting and putting together different technological elements based on the products of renowned companies from all over the world. Our solutions cover all types of sewage pre-treatment processes, including mechanical-chemical systems based on flocculation, coagulation, flotation and membrane filtration. We also design and build full treatment systems based on biological reactors and draining the wastewater treatment products to watercourses.


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Wastewater pre-treatment

We offer various machines dedicated to wastewater pre-treatment, such as sieves, grates and sand traps, all adapted to our clients’ individual needs.


Flotation and fat separation

All types of liquid suspensions, fats, oils and petroleum compounds in sewage can be removed by our flotators and fat separators.


Sludge management

Sludge dehydrating causes important costs in wastewater treatment industries. We offer several solutions concerning thickening and dehydrating the sludge, from traditional presses and centrifuges to modern elastic filtration containers. Due to our research projects with polish best universities, we have access to technologies that increase the efficiency of fermentation chambers.


Reagent’s dosing systems

Adding chemicals is necessary in wastewater treatment process in order to conduct flocculation. Those substances have to be dissolved in water before being added to flotation containers.


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Cotainers-based installation

Due to frequent lack of space, we propose compact wastewater pre-treatment installations built in containers that are set on each other next to existing buildings. Such solution noticeably reduces the amount of space required for the investment. Everything is delivered in containers with devices already in them. Such systems can be expanded by additional functions such as heat recovery or specialized utilities metering built into industry’s computer system.

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Module containers

We offer high-quality containers made of polymers reinforced with fiber glass. Containers are light, easy in transport and montage, stainless. Their prices are attractive and costs of exploitation low. They can be used in both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants as well as in desalination installations, to store potable water, liquid and solid substances, in agriculture and for other purposes.


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Phosphorus reduction methods

During production processes many industrial companies use substances that contribute to the presence of excessive amounts of phosphorus in wastewater. Sometimes, the technologies used cannot prevent temporary exceedance of the legally approved amount of phosphorus compounds in sewage.


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Removing copper compounds from industrial wastewater

Surface water quality depends heavily on the quality and quantity of organic and inorganic waste that is entered into it. Distinct threats are associated with entering industrial wastewater into the environment, since, unless properly treated, it contains a variety of dangerous chemical substances that negatively affect human health and aquatic life. Copper compounds are one of these substances. Classic methods of treating sewage that contains copper ions are not always efficient enough. Our solutions enable a 99.8% reduction of copper ions. If you are interested in improving the processes in your company using our technologies, do not hesitate to contact us.



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