For our clients we carry out the process of obtaining ‘white certificates’. Our offer includes making economical and technical concept, feasibility study, project documentation, conducting both energy audits and support on every step of the procedure, specified in the Energy Efficiency Law.


The system of white certificates enables to achieve measurable energy savings in three areas:

  • An increase in energy savings by final recipients
  • An increase in energy savings by own devices
  • A decrease in losses of energy, heat or natural gas during transmission and distribution

Examples of actions for which one can obtain white certificates:

  • Modernization or change of thermal isolation in pipelines, furnaces and technological lines
  • Heat and cold steering systems
  • Thermal modernizations
  • Modernization of luminaires and light sources
  • Energy recovery in industrial processes
  • Lowering losses during transmissions
  • Modernization of compressed air installations
  • Optimizing fuel and utilities transport installations
  • Replacement of engines, drives and steering systems
  • Modernization of heat sources

Application for the certificate can only be submitted if it concerns an unrealized project and if the energy savings will surpass 10 tons of equivalent oil in a year. Such certificate proves the amount of planned energy savings. It is issued by the URE president upon request of the entity that will pursue the venture or their authorized representative. Application has to be preceded by energy audit. Another audit is made after completing the investment in order to confirm the amount of saved energy. Within 30 days certificates are transformed into transferable property rights that can be sold on the Polish Power Exchange.

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