Design and construction of new facilities

We solve issues with water and sewage management in scattered areas, especially those that are not parts of agglomerations. After conducting analyses, we provide the most effective, economic solutions. Depending on the situation, they might be either modern container treatment plants or module treatment plants with extension options. Our systems are energy saving, automatized, compact and conform to the EU regulations. In addition, we offer help in obtaining EU subsidies and other financial support forms that are no burden to municipal debt ratios.


Modernization of existing wastewater treatment plants

Reconstruction and modernization of wastewater treatment plants is usually done to increase their capacity, as well as to adapt them to Polish and EU laws. It may also result from bad technical condition of machines and equipment. Our solutions allow to eliminate multiple exploitation problems and increase the efficiency of technological processes.


Sludge management

Sludge dehydrating causes important costs in wastewater treatment industries. We offer several solutions concerning thickening and dehydrating the sludge, from traditional presses and centrifuges to modern elastic filtration containers. Due to our research projects with polish best universities, we have access to technologies that increase the efficiency of fermentation chambers.

Wastewater sludge granulation

Stabilized municipal wastewater sludge can be used in agriculture and ground restoration. The condition for such usage is that sludge must be properly processed, through biological, chemical or physical treatment, or another process that lowers sludge’s susceptibility to rotting and eliminates environmental and human health hazards.



Technological proces optimization

Our solutions increase the efficiency of exploited system in order to improve the quality of services and installation efficiency, as well as to optimize exploitation costs.

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