Our economy is still using too much energy per GDP unit in comparison with more developed Western countries. The opinion that energy efficiency means mostly thermal modernisation and the replacement of lightning systems is still very much common in Poland. Meanwhile, there is huge potential for saving in industrial devices – pumps, compressors and fans use up more than half of the total power within the industrial sector.


The means for energy efficiency improvement include:

  • production processes – the use of automatic and integrated systems, efficient waiting modes, more effective use of: compressed air, capacitors, switches, valves
  • heating and cooling – new, efficient cauldrons and heat pumps
  • warm water – installation of new devices
  • lightning – new, efficient lightbulbs and resistors, digital control systems, motion detectors
  • cooking and refrigeration – heat recovery systems
  • engines and propulsion systems – the usage of electronic control systems, stepless drives, integrated application programs, frequency changes
  • fans and ventilation – installation of new devices, the usage of natural ventilation
  • other equipment and devices – timed drivers for optimal energy usage, capacitor installation to reduce reactive power, small-loss transformers
  • energy production – devices for coupled heat and electricity production, solar collectors, thermal sources, heating and cooling systems supported with thermal energy
  • active demand response management – load management, systems for levelling peak network load

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